Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Super luxurious Steam Shower Room ST-8808


Imagine the pleasure of allowing the stress and pressure of the day melt off you each evening in one of these superior showers. Allow us to help you discover this indulgent pleasure for yourself at Hangzhou Casa Baths N' Showers.

Size: 150*150*225cm


1. Jacuzzi bathtub, 750KW circulation pump, individual control system.
2. Steam generator, steam upto 60 centigrade. ( controlled by computer panel)
3. Computer panel controls: 
A. Roof lights
B. Ventilation Fan(on roof)
C. Background lights
D. FM Radio through Loud Speaker on roof
E. Ozone Steriliser on roof
F. Steam generator (under the bathtub) 
G. Hands free phone through Loud Speaker on roof

Water switch controls:

I. Roof shower head
II. Handheld shower head
III. Foot massage
IV. Massage jets(on both side walls and back panel)
V.  Water intake for the bathtub.

Other gadgets and parts: 

Towel rack*2
5 mm tempered glass construction.
Dual wheeled runners for upper track, singular for the down.
Alloy  door seal
Plastic handles, polished chrome.

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